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The Cobham Curve

The Cobham Curve - History

For many Club members you will remember, perhaps with quirky fondness, the old dilapidated clubhouse and the start of the fund raising with the “Buy-a-Brick” programme to help subsidise the new clubhouse in 2006. After 3 years of full operation of the Peter Marsh Pavilion we now have a fantastic facility, the pride of Cobham and the envy of many a club throughout the country.

The Cobham Sports Association Board - your Board - have a business plan to ensure that the whole of the Club functions relatively smoothly and most importantly to budget. Running the club and making sure it operates on a sound commercial footing is quite a challenge and the Board are continuously reviewing how to best operate the Club in line with the needs of the members and all the different sections. As you can imagine the costs of running the place are high and to help pay those costs there is the obvious equilibrium of raising more funds through subscription charges to all members or looking at different ways of generating more income. The majority of members probably favour the latter route.

Simplistically we have a great asset with our clubhouse and we could use it more effectively especially during the weekdays and during the summer when it largely lies dormant – in other words use it for other revenue generating events (Lord Sugar would call it sweating the asset). This makes sense, but only if the balance is struck correctly between the main aim of sport and facilities for Club members and such revenue generation from events.

To that end the Board have agreed to put more marketing muscle behind the club, whilst maintaining that Club v Cash balance, and within the next month will be promoting the availability of the venue for weddings, parties, corporate events and the like under a new branding “The Cobham Curve” linking the shape of the club house with the Covenham name, the original name for Cobham meaning curve in the river. The promotion will be supported by a dedicated website and brochures.

Cob Curve logo

Some important points are worth reiterating:

  1. Sport does and always will come first; it’s the equilibrium that is being sought to help keep your subscriptions contained and invest in the infrastructure.
  2. Club members come first; the facilities are there for members to use and have reasonable priority over external customers.
  3. Overlap between revenue generating events and Club events will be minimal; many events will be happening when no Club members are even at the club
  4. Club sections get first call on key dates - Christmas etc; but Club members will have to do a little planning ahead – there’s no value in you asking at the last minute for the clubroom

If you have any issues, comments or concerns about the direction the club is taking, please feel free to get in touch with Andy Harburn, Chairman of the Cobham Sports Association, on