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Cobham 15 Basingstoke 16

Report: Saturday January 3rd 2015, London South 1

Cobham played hosts to our visitors from Basingstoke for this London 1 League match on Saturday, January 3rd, after the brief Christmas break. Both sides have had different fortunes in reaching their present league positions with the result that the match had the potential to be an equal and close fought encounter and so it was to be.

The kick off was delayed for 20 minutes as the referee had mistaken Chobham for Cobham and only a taxi ride prevented any further delay. Fortunately the light improved and the match eventually started without the assistance of floodlighting.

CRFC 030115a

Basingstoke kicked off having the advantage of a cold breeze on a soft but good surface due to frequent showers during  the morning and immediately threatened the Cobham goal line. The Basingstoke attacks continued throughout the early stages of the first half with Cobham confined to ‘break outs’ from their half which rarely took play into the Basingstoke half. To the credit of all the Cobham players the defence was not breached.  Penalties followed with one in front of the posts being converted.

                                                                                                                Cobham 0 Basingstoke 3

The second part of the first half was much the same with Cobham defending repeated attacks from the strong Basingstoke team. The pressure on Cobham’s line was incessant and eventually another penalty was awarded to Basingstoke. The kick in front of the posts from only 20 metres was missed. This could have been very costly to Basingstoke as events in the second half unfolded. As a result of this miss Cobham’s confidence grew as the halftime approached during which they showed that they could match their opponents in most phases. At this stage of the game Alex Stout is to be congratulated for his sterling work ensuring that the hard won possession from the set scrums won by Cobham kept Basingstoke at bay and enabled the Cobham threequarters to mount sporadic and effective attacks.

The whistle blew for half time with no further scores.

CRFC 030115b

Cobham began the second  half strongly with forwards and backs combining well to gain good ground and set up attacking positions but the Basingstokes defence held. The Cobham forwards were now in control and a series of forward drives spearheaded by Joe Goddard and Joe McVey took Cobham to the Basingstoke try line. After 15 minutes of attacking rugby a penalty was finally conceded and converted by Dave Flower to even up the score. It was from one of these drives that Joe McVey was injured and left the field.

                                                                                                                Cobham 3 Basingstoke 3

This period of play and the penalty award inspired Basingstoke to vigorously attack Cobham at every opportunity and drove Cobham to their goal line. Cobham defended well and were able to relieve their goal line on many occasions. The attacks were persistent and eventually another penalty in front of the posts was conceded and converted.

                                                                                                                Cobham 3 Basingstoke 6  


From the kick off Basingstoke continued to attack the Cobham line. With good defence Cobham resisted these attacks and were able on any occasions to match their opponents and make good ground into the Basingstoke half. The attacks on the Cobham line were numerous and resulted in a converted try from a line out on the Cobham 5 metre  line.

                                                                                                                Cobham 3 Basingstoke 13

Now it was Cobham’s turn to mount an offensive. Following a Cobham attack  on the halfway line  an attempted kick ahead was fielded by the Basingstoke winger who breached the Cobham defence only to be tackled by a brilliant defence just short of Cobham’s goal line with the ball being bundled into touch.  From the resultant 5 yard lineout and many Basingstoke forward drives a converted penalty was conceded.

                                                                                                                Cobham 3 Basingstoke 16

CRFC 030115c

With 15 minutes left of the half it seemed that Basingstoke were ‘home and dry’. Cobham had other ideas. In what can be described as the best period of play by all of the Cobham side they attacked the Basingstoke line with renewed strength and enthusiasm which eventually resulted in a yellow card for a Basingstoke player and a try for Rory Lorimer which was duly converted  by Dave Flower.

                                                                                                                Cobham 10 Basingstoke 16

From the kick off Cobham continued to strongly attack the Basingstoke line. Basingstoke now had to defend desperately but the constant Cobham attacks finally produced what could have been the try winning score for Charlie Hampton. With only two minutes of full time remaining the conversion was missed.

                                                                                                                Cobham 15 Basingstoke 16

CRFC 030115d

From the kick off and with little time left on the clock Cobham gained possession and strongly attacked the Basingstoke line. Basingstoke were forced to concede a penalty to deny Cobham any chance of scoring. The resultant penalty was well struck by Dave Flower  but hit the upright failing to go over. The final whistle blew with victory going to a relieved Basingstoke team.

  • Final score: Cobham 15 Basingstoke 16   


- Report @ Dick Blackman

- Photos @ Chris Brown