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Cobham 15 Chobham 34

Report: Saturday October 18th 2014, London South 1

After an excellent dinner hosted by our President Lionel Frewin on the occasion of the annual Vice Presidents and Patrons Dinner, Cobham entertained Chobham for this London 1 league match. Again we played a side who are flying high in this very competitive league.

The match started in warm, dry and overcast conditions on an excellent playing surface prepared by Chris Humber with Cobham facing a mild breeze. Early Chobham pressure was repelled by strong decisive running from the Cobham three quarters excellently served by Harry  Mobbs  and marshalled by Dave Flower at fly half. The possession gained from all the phases of the game by the forwards excellently led by Joe Goddard, with Doug Rodman spear heading many attacks allowed the centres Paul Smedley  and Arron Cowell to make inroads into the Chobham defence, setting up good attacking positions.

CRFC 181014a

The wingers Luc Jones and James MacDonald assisted by Charlie Hampton complimented the effort by beating their opposite numbers only to be stopped by a good Chobham cover defence.   Chobham were limited to ‘breakouts’ from defence and it was from one of these that the Chobham winger was denied a try in the corner after an excellent chase and tackle by Harry Mobbs.   Excellent defence from both forwards and three quarters of Cobham repelled many attacks following this Chobham pressure which resulted in Chobham being penalised.

CRFC 181014b

Cobham now produced a number of scintillating moves with the ball being moved swiftly and decisively to wings where both wingers Luc Jones and James MacDonald beat several defenders a number of times to gain good attacking positions. It was during this 20 minutes that Cobham had much the better of the exchanges creating a number of good scoring chances but unable to convert them. One such Cobham effort was for a try under the posts only for a knock on with the try line begging after a scintillating break from James MacDonald in midfield. However during this period of Cobham pressure credit must be given to the stout Chobham defence. This defence led to a number of penalties conceded by Chobham which led to a yellow card for a Chobham player and a penalty after 25 minutes which was duly converted by Dave Flower.  (Cobham 3 Chobham 0)

Following this penalty Chobham applied good pressure to the Cobham defence forcing periods of play in the Cobham half. A Chobham maul, one of many on the Cobham try line produced a try for their number 8 Dave Askew which was not converted.

Again Cobham pressed the Chobham line following good break outs from defence by the threequarters well supported by the forwards. Half time was reached with a relieving kick by Chobham.  Once more Cobham had the better of this first half and with more decisive finishing should have put some tries on the scoreboard.

  • Half time Cobham 3 Chobham 5

Cobham started the second half where they had finished the first. Good possession by the forwards gave the three quarters the time and space to test the Chobham defence which to their credit held firm. During this period a penalty kick was missed by Dave Flower. Substitutions were made Lee Raikes for Luke Charlton and Tom Gwynne for Dave Flower who was injured in one of the attacks. The pressure was maintained by Cobham and was duly rewarded after 18 minutes with a pushover try by Josh Brown which was not converted.  (Cobham 8 Chobham 5)

CRFC 181014c

A win albeit a narrow one was now a distinct possibility. Cobham were playing a 15 man skilful, aggressive game of rugby which belied their league position but credit to the Chobham side for absorbing this brand of rugby and as we shall see counter attacked with devastating result. The effort put in by all the Cobham players in the first two thirds of this match began to tell. Mistakes crept in and to Chobham’s credit they took full advantage of every mistake made by the Cobham players.

Four tries were scored in the next 15 minutes as Chobham piled on the pressure to the visibly tired Cobham players  who had attacked and defended with passion, vigour and skill for most of this match.

Try by James Dunne after good support work by the whole team from their own half not converted. (Cobham 8 Chobham 10)

Try by Michael McDonald in the corner was given as a penalty try with the effect that  Paul Smedley of Cobham was yellow carded for obstruction.  (Cobham 8 Chobham 17)   

Try by Liam Monaghan following a dropped pass in midfield not converted. (Cobham 8 Chobham 22)

A second try for Michael McDonald which was not converted. (Cobham 8 Chobham 27)

To Cobham’s great credit they attacked the Chobham try line with renewed  vigour and were suitably rewarded for this effort with a pushover try by Tom Gwynne which was converted. (Cobham 15  Chobham 27)

Chobham replied with a interception try in the last minute by Joshua Devitt which was converted.

  • Final score Cobham 15 Chobham 34.

CRFC 181014d 

The whole Cobham squad under the directorship of Mike Cudmore should be congratulated on the effort being put into these difficult league matches. Cobham travel to Gosport and deserve the support of all Cobham members at this game next Saturday.