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Sutton & Epsom 35 Cobham 10

Report: Saturday December 20th 2014, London South 1

Cobham travelled the short distance to Sutton for this London 1 league match on Saturday. This last game in 2014, traditionally halfway through the league match season, found the sides at opposite ends of the league table. Sutton had won their last 10 games with only three losses, one of which was against Cobham by the narrowest of margins.  Cobham after a shaky start had improved enormously winning their last three matches making a total of 5 wins which took them off the bottom of the table but not yet out of danger. A better bonus points total would greatly improve their position.

The match began in bright conditions, Cobham having the advantage of a low sun and slight breeze with the minimal floodlighting on. With many players unavailable Cobham fielded a side that had not had ‘game time’ together but this did not affect the effort and determination displayed by every member of the match day squad to win this match and for almost two thirds of the match a win was distinctly possible.


Physically Sutton had the advantage a big robust set of forwards supported by threequarters  determined to break through tackles at every opportunity. It is to the credit of every  Cobham player that the defence held until the last quarter.    

From the kick off Sutton attacked the Cobham line at every opportunity and only a solid defence prevented a Sutton score.  After 14 minutes of continual pressure a Cobham offence at a maul resulted in a yellow card for Daniel Jones.  With Cobham down to 14 men the Sutton attacks continued but this found an equably sound and solid defence form the Cobham side. At this early stage of the game the back row of Dave Baker, Richard Trepant and Doug Rodman well supported by Joe Goddard and Joe McVey  were outstanding in preventing a Sutton score. For the first 20 minutes play was almost entirely in the Cobham half.


Eventually one of the continual Sutton attacks created an overlap  which saw their winger score in the corner, the kick at goal was unsuccessful.

                                                                                                                Sutton 5 Cobham 0

This score was perhaps the turning point of the first half and into the second half. Cobham defended well and were able to mount more attacks through the threequarters with both wingers Daniel Jones and Patrick Williams making good ground into the Sutton half. For the first time the Sutton line was threatened and a score a possibility. However Sutton are not a side to give away scores and again the Cobham line was threatened on numerous occasions with the result that a penalty was awarded and converted.

                                                                                                                Sutton 8 Cobham 0

Sutton continued to threaten the Cobham line which was broken up by an excellent break by scrum half Harry Mobbs who again had a solid game behind the forwards. The first half ended with subs Richard Phillip and Robert Fleming replacing Daniel Walsh and Richard Trepant and another Sutton penalty for a maul infringement.                                          Sutton 11 Cobham 0

The second half started with Cobham mounting many attacks and threatening the Sutton line on numerous occasions. The front row which had performed well in the first half were able to get the better of their bigger opponents on many occasions. Now it was the turn of Sutton to defend well which they did but only to give away the inevitable penalty which Tom Farrelly kicked.

                                                                                                                Sutton 11 Cobham 3


From the kick off Cobham continued their inspired play and it was from a forward rolling maul from 10 yards that Dave Baker was able to touch down near to the corner. Tom Farrelly added the two points with an excellent conversion kick.

                                                                                                                Sutton 11 Cobham 10.

From the kick off play continued in the midfield with both sides defending well against repeated attacks. At this stage with 20 minutes remaining this match was winnable. The threequarter line was now threatening as well as showing, as they had done, determined defence.  However Sutton continued to attack and after several mauls on the Cobham line the overlap was achieved and a score in the corner which was not converted.

                                                                                                                Sutton 16 Cobham 10

This try was to be the catalyst for Sutton to ‘up their game’ against a tiring Cobham side that had defended well for two thirds of this match. In one of the many attacks a Cobham chip ahead was fielded by the Sutton threequarters who ran from the halfway line to score under the posts. The try was not converted.

                                                                                                                Sutton 23 Cobham 10.


From the kick off Cobham attacked with renewed vigour and were able to threaten the Sutton Line forcing a line out on the 5 yard line. The line out was lost and play returned to the Cobham half where after a period of attacks on the goal line an unconverted try was scored in the corner.

                                                                                                                Sutton 30 Cobham 10

The match was concluded after more Sutton pressure with a try in the corner which was not converted.

Final score Sutton 35 Cobham 10.

With many players being unavailable great credit must go the squad for this match against a strong robust Sutton side that at this stage in the league program appear to be promotion candidates.  


  • Photos @ Chris Brown