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U10 Home Page 11-12

2011/12 Season

 Hello everyone,


            We have had a truly successful U10 season. The most important success has been around the age group player development. This is proven by the ease at which players have moved across festival squads. We’ve also had success (thanks to all you technical coaches) developing the player’s technical skills: passing, running, handling, etc. And obviously we’ve had excellent festival success – I doubt any opposition team coach doesn’t mutter under their breaths if they see they’re drawn against a Cobham squad. (See grid of results).

We’ve had some fun with the 1911 4 Nations, being the first club to have Argentina play in a Quad-Nations and Paddy’s Xmas fun game and confectionary grotto.

Our aim for next season is to ensure all players have the opportunity to play competitive fixtures, the ability to compete in those games and the coaching to develop each individual’s skills. Remember that squads will always be fluid and all players should expect to move especially to support numbers at fixtures.

When we are back in September there will be new rules, increase in players on the pitch to twelve  (5 forwards 7 backs) and kicking!  We will again be preparing all the players for these new challenges!

                        Have a great summer break & with your help we’ll have a successful U11 season. Please look at the website in June for re-joining instructions.


Kind regards,


The U10 Coaches and Management Team


PS If you would like to get more involved with the club please contact Christine Sealy.

 A squad Review


During the season we played some excellent running rugby especially towards the end of the season. Our defense was exceptional, and it was this facet of our play that gave us our edge through out the season. We still can get caught organizationally around the ruck with little back line both in attack and defense. However when we play with depth and width we have the players to run into space, pass and score…quite frequently! Our set piece is deadly and coupled with our aggressive rucking means we always have the ball to play with. This is a very impressive group of players, and now we are showing true team work this group can move on to even greater success.


Winner:  Cobham A Festival 2nd Oct 2012

Our home festival was our first and very early in the season. We faced some very tough opposition but won due our exceptional defense: We didn’t concede a try all day! We beat a good Guildford side in the final 3-0.


Winner:  Reeds A Festival 9th Oct 2012

It was a tough day with lots of very good clubs. We won in the final against a strong Reeds side. I especially think the game against Richmond showed our progress as we played good heads up rugby to win 5-0.


Chobham: A Festival 16th Oct 2012

The third festival in three weeks was a little too much for us both on the pitch and player availability. We lost one game but a series of draws put us fourth in the league.


Winner:  Sutton A Festival 11th November 2012

We played well through out with glimpses of brilliance at times but our tough defense and counter rucking kept us in the competition.


Winner Fixture London Irish 4th Dec

In a very competitive mini-festival we beat their A team with difficulty and then their B team. We then re-played their A team with a more definitive win.


Winner Fixture Wimbledon A Jan 22nd

We went to this fixture in the sun and played some real Barbarian end-to-end rugby: surprising both their coach and me! These games showed a real forward development as a team: less selfish running more looking to put players into gaps.


Winner: Camberley A Festival 11th March 2012

We played some jaw dropping rugby best consistently this season. We truly played as a team and produced some great results.


Runner up: Effingham A Festival 25th March 2012

We ran out of fit players in the final but played some great rugby in the tournament and we actually beat the eventual winners in the group stages. In the final we went down to the hosts who took their chances well.


I’m looking forward to seeing this group of players develop further as we move towards the full 15 a side game.







C Squad Round-Up

Within the "C" setup the overall level of rugby skill development as well as game-sense exhibited by the U10 All-Stars and Barbarians over the last season has been tremendous. Long gone are the days when the gap between the various squad levels could be described as wide as a "country mile"! 


We saw a great team spirit(including parents) develop as we pulled squads together for the various festivals, across both the All-Stars and Barbarians. This was especially true in the last half of the season when festivals came quick and fast, and in the face of some serious opposition we picked up some silverware along the way.   


From all the coaches thanks to all the players and parents for making this a really enjoyable and fun year, also a big thank you to Rob Cassady for sorting out all of the festivals for us. 


The challenge for next season in U11's is to build on this and to incorporate the additional positions and rules, in addition to making sure that everyone has a chance to rotate through various positions. 



Season to Date



Cobham A Festival




Guildfordian B Festival

Third place



Sutton & Epsom C Festival

4th *(8)



Guildford C Fixture




Reeds A Festival




Cobham B Festival

Bowl Winner



Egham C Fixture




Chobham A Festival

4th place (6)



Wimbledon B Festival

Plate Runner up



Reeds C Festival




Sutton & Epsom A Festival




Cobham C Festival

Plate Winner



London Irish Fixture




London Irish Fixture


11 Mar 12      A         Camberley A Festival           Winner

18 Mar 12      C          London Irish Festival           3rd

18 Mar 12      D          London Irish Festival          Winner

25 Mar 12       A          Effingham Festival           Cup Runner Up

25 Mar 12      B          Upminster Festival              Winner    


B Squad

We have a lot of excellent players in the squad – as proof Simon keeps stealing them – and we are seeing lots of positive development. We are very competitive at every festival (see results) and the boys are really enjoying them selves. We are playing with very much a squad rotating – 18 players have played in a B festival so far.

Have great great holiday boys!


Upminster B Festival - 25th March 2012

Cobham 2 - Upminster 0

Cobham 5  - Westcliffe 0

Cobham 5  - Baintree 0

Cobham 2 - Sevenoaks 0

Final:  Cobham 2 - Bishop Stortford 0



C Squads

The C's competed at the London Irish Festival on Sunday March 18th.  We came third out of six.  medals all round!!

All aspects of our game has improved including tackling but we are far too polite around the base of a ruck!  We need a greater sense of urgency and KNOW we CAN ruck over the ball and player.

Cobham - Teddington Drew

Cobham - Battersea lost 4-1 (first game)

Cobham - London Welsh - Drew 5-5

Cobham - Reeds lost 3-4

Cobham - London Irish Drew

We have a talented team here and it will improve further once they play together a bit more.  At times everyone played their best rugby; we just need to become more consistent.  Everyone turned up on time so we could warm up together for the first game.  Thank you all.

Man of the festival was Oliver Cox he played so well even after he was injured!  Well done.  I would also like to mention Marcus H-P as he listened to what was asked of him and improved greatly throughout the day.




In the London Irish D Festival the results were;

Cobham 3-0 Teddington (W)

Cobham 2-1 Battersea (W)

Cobham 1-2 London Welsh (L)

Cobham 3-0 London Irish (W)


The Cobham team were the Barbarians and they won a closely contested festival on try difference.  Well done everyone!!






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Head Coach:
Simon Rhodes

Christine Sealey