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02-02-14 Chobham C Festival


With the sun on our faces and no sign of rain we gladly took to the field for what would be a spectacular win.


First up was Walington – with none of our usual slow start and time to wake up we flew into action from the starting whistle.  Excellent pace with Ella and Luke driving forward the team showed determination and forced the play into Walington’s half. Excellent rucking over the ball and supported play by George and Daniel resulted in a 3 try win.  Tries scored by George, Jake and Ella with one conversion from Alfie.


Spurred on by our first win, and the loud and strong coaching voice of Henry from the side lines the team quickly engaged Chobham who were determined to win on their home pitch.  In a tough first half we witnessed some excellent team defence culminating in a running drive forward by Ella who scored her second try of the tournament.  This was nicely converted by Alfie.  The second half saw Henry being able to practice what he had so eloquently been shouting from the side lines!  A force to be reckoned with saw Luke score and Alfie convert followed quickly by a forward sprint from Nicholas who quickly off loaded to Luke for his second try of the tournament.


With two wins under our belts we knew the next team were the ones to beat – Vandells who also had two wins.  At this point we realised we had no subs left and a tough team to play.  Salv and Matt played a strong game of rugby with great driving support and Will power housing in the ruck.  Half time had us in the 22 but no try.  Second half was played in the centre of the field, neither team will into concede any ground let alone a try.  Henry was pushing forward and nearly had to come off but in true Cobham spirit carried on playing.  Final whistle - 0-0 draw.


Fourth game saw us against Reeds – often our nemesis but not today!  Kaan stepped forward displaying excellent tackling which was literally stopping Reeds in their stride.  A strong defence from Reeds saw the half time whistle go at 0-0.  Will continued to tackle fiercely and supported by Ella, Nathan, Henry and Luke kept the pressure on Reeds to lead to a mass team try with Zack on the ball.  This was quickly followed by two tries by Henry which were converted by our golden boot – Alfie.


Final game, top of the point score and all to win for saw us against Farnham.  This was a tough final match with all our players tired but determined not to lose.  Nathan, Henry and George all being stopped in their tracks by a strong Farnham defence.  Finally, after a number of fast runs, tough rucks and strong scrums a try was score by Kaan who had, what can only be described as, his warrior face on!


Great win by the C team, super team work and communication led to an exciting tournament win that saw no tries conceded!  Well done Salv for all your hard work!


Karen Bradley
Tel: 07813 604482

Head Coach:
Nick Moss
Tel: 07810 813999