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30-09-13 Cobham A Festival

An overcast morning greeted players from 8 teams at the CRFC grounds on Sunday.  First up for Cobham was Wimbledon.  Both sides took to the pitch for the first match of the year with a bit of nervousness and spent the first few minutes feeling each other out.  About midway through the first half, the forwards - Alfie, Zach, Joe, Sam and Rob - took control, dominated the scrum, and allowed Tim to get the ball out to Bryn who drew in 3 defenders then passed out wide to Anton who took it in for the first score of the season! Cobham kept up the pressure with great defence and powerful rucking.  Off the next line-out Mossy got the ball in the clear and scored our second try of the match.  More great tackling and team defence kept Wimbledon in check for the remainder.  A long drive in the 2nd half saw the boys execute flawlessly as they moved the ball down the entire length of the pitch where Noah scored the final back breaking try.  All 3 conversion kicks were good.  Final score: Cobham 21 – Wimbledon 0


Next up Reeds.  Again, great team defence set the tone for this match.  The forwards took control and some great rucking by Zach, Rob and Hoff kept us in control of the ball and the tempo.  A Reeds penalty deep in their own end set up Sam to power through a few defenders and get the ball out to James Merry for the score.  Defence and gang tackling kept Cobham in control for the rest of the game.  A late surge from Reeds was held off and a blocked kick was scooped up by Hoff who took it in for the score.  Both conversions were good.  

Final score: Cobham 14 – Reeds 0


The first two wins put us in the Cup pool and gave us a shot at winning the Festival.  Teddington was our first obstacle and after a long rest between games it was a somewhat expected slow start for both teams.  Again the defence was exceptional, bending but not breaking.  Some great tackles from Rob, Fabian and Will frustrated the Teddington players and caused a turnover that Bryn came away with, advanced the ball and offloaded to Anton for the score.  Bryn’s conversion kick was good and we were up 7-0.  Teddington rallied and moved the ball down the field only to be stonewalled again by the Cobham defence deep in our own end.  Another dominating performance from the forwards on a penalty scrum allowed Josh to score on a pick-n-go. 

Final score: Cobham 14-Teddington 0


The final match of the day was against Ealing who had also dominated several teams in route to the Cup pool.   Again it was team defence and the extra efforts of all the Cobham players that would decide this match.  Both teams moved the ball but neither could punch through for a score.  Field general Max made sure there were no holes for Ealing to exploit.  Good kicking and controlling the ruck would hold Ealing at bay.  Exceptional effort and team speed, especially from the backs kept the offensive pressure on throughout but no scores were had for either team.    

Final score:  Cobham 0 – Ealing 0


Ealing went on the defeat Teddington 14-0 in the final Cup match resulting in Cobham sharing the festival title.  All in all, the boys put forth a great effort, executed well and were not scored on all day.  As co-champions of the first festival of the year, they have set a high bar for themselves and will hopefully carry over the intensity next week at Reeds.  Cheers to Spence and Geoff for all the hard work and preparation.


Karen Bradley
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Head Coach:
Nick Moss
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