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6th April 2014 - Surrey A Festival

Everyone was a winner at this year’s Surrey A Festival. After all of the talk extending to the National press, debates about format, threats of pulling out, the tournament was well attended and appeared, at first sight, pretty much as normal. However… The teams, which were indeed A teams, subject to a few who had departed on holiday, as is common at this time of year, as after all, it is the holidays, were divided into two groups, one of 8 and one of 9. Each team was allocated four fixtures, apparently at random. As we thumbed through the pages of the programme seeking out what was to happen after our four games, the notes were particularly vague, and we soon realised that the answer was…..nothing. Oh and there was a fine drizzle.

However, we, and all of the other teams approached the games with the usual level of commitment, and we left, as usual, with heads held high.

v Camberley W14-0 

The first game saw a chance to play Camberley for the first time this season. Zac soon stole one of their lineouts and the ball was moved swiftly down the line for Will Brown to score in the corner. Simple but effective. We continued to play all the rugby and were undone only by the odd mistake at crucial times. Brownie nearly scored again before half time, after a long floated pass from Bryn, and Bryn himself was held up just short. The second half was played in Camberleys’s half with the Hoff rampaging all over the under pressure Camberley pack. Indeed it was Joe who scored the second try, after pressure on the Camberley scrum on their line. Lammers converted, as he had earlier.

 v Dorking W 14-0

Another dominant display, but the try count limited by a few silly mistakes. We started very well, and after a secure scrum the ball was moved swiftly as every Max, across the line to Anton who powered straight over to score. Hoff scored again following a forward drive, with the ball passing from big Sam, via Alfie, and Rob as the forwards kept it tight! The pack worked hard against a competitive Dorking scrum, with Fabian and Rob using their height to full advantage in the lineouts. We kept out Dorking towards the end with great cover tackling from Josh and Lucas. Lammers was again successful with both kicks.

v Reeds W 7-0 

We started well and a charge down on the reeds line nearly brought an early score for will. Coxy started to stretch his legs, and the defence, and James merry took the ball up the middle strongly. The try came from the indomitable Sam Millberg, who crashed over after another forward drive off a lineout (perhaps he has Irish roots?). Lammers converted, and was also seen making a cheeky offload out of the back of the hand, as the backs started to express themselves, bored of watching the forwards trying to look clever. 

Then came an enforced one hour lunch break, which was about how long it took to get to the front of the barbecue queue. 

v Effingham & Leatherhead Match abandoned 

By now the squad had worked out the format, as questions about semis etc were fobbed off by parents. However, this was not only our “final” game, it was to be Sam Millberg’s last festival game for the club (for now). Emotions were running high and the Spring pollen causing one or two eyes to water. A hanging kick off was well chased by the pack, and the recipient was well tackled by big Sam, keen to depart in style. Sadly, the tackled player couldn’t get up, and the game had to be abandoned. Something of an ant climax, but the main thing was, as we heard subsequently, the player was fine and no damage was done, although he may not be holidaying in the US anytime soon! 

Hard work from a slim squad, and another festival without conceding a try. Excellent effort all round and we hope to see Sam, certainly one of the most improved players this season, Stu and family back soon! 

Squad: Alfie T, Fabian, Joe vH, Rob, Sam, Zac O, Anton, Ben, Bryn, James, Josh, Lucas, Max, Tim and Will B


Karen Bradley
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Head Coach:
Nick Moss
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