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9th December 2012 Windsor Development Festival

Opportunity taken at the Windsor Development Festival

Another cold morning, another festival in Bucks for a mixed B and C squad from the Cobham U12s. This time, though, we did it right and brought back the silverware. Ruan, Amin, Conor, Toby W, Hal, Daniel, Cameron, Ben D, Luis, Max, Luke D, Kristian, Sam, Ieuan, Luke L, Khaled and Oliver won it, undefeated and letting in one single try the whole tournament.

Originally thought as a C festival, we were surprised to see in the festival rules that they were expecting a B team from the U12s. Going by player availability, though, it was inevitably a mixed B/C squad. Our three opponents mostly brought their B teams for a round robin, with a final between the two top teams. Small, narrow fields but level and not muddy.

First up was against our hosts, Windsor. Different from prior festivals, we were full on from the first minute.  Windsor must have been taken aback from our start, as they didn’t pose a threat all game. We played brilliantly, with the forward winning most balls in scrums, rucks and mauls and supporting adequately. The backs played well too, perhaps a bit too individualistic, but some great runs in the very narrow field. Windsor did do one thing very well, though, which was to hold tight in their defence – tackle after tackle they brought us down, and ball after ball in their 20 they held on and pushed us back. In the end it was a draw, with neither team managing to cross the chalk. To us, though, it felt like a victory considering how well we played. Cobham 0 x 0 Windsor

Next up was Amersham & Chiltern, whom we had narrowly beaten in their festival a couple of weeks ago. Both teams started well, with good forwards play and some running amongst the backs.  After a good amount of to and fro, we finally scored our first try, in a good pick and go move by the forwards and finally a break by the backline to score in the corner. We kept going in the second half, winning ball and attempting runs. Back line was now working as a team, with the wings seeing the balls and making ground. In one good move, we managed an overlap to send one of our centres running half of the field to score.  Cobham 10 x 0 A&C

Final round robin game was against Bracknell, to whom we had lost in the A&C festival. They were a big team, seemed like a different age group even. This game we didn’t start as well, being disorganised in the rucks and mauls, not passing and even missing a couple of tackles (first all morning), which didn’t turn into tries do to some great covering tackles by our full back.  The first half ended in a draw, nil-nil. After some sharp, pointed words we came back to the second half looking more like ourselves. Our counter rucking went back to great, earning even a compliment from the opposing coach. Line was passing again, becoming a greater threat. With our revised attitude we managed to score twice, once again through a scrum move first and a back line move second. Cobham 10 x 0 Bracknell.

With two victories and a draw we were the top team in the round robin. Our adversary in the final was again our host, Windsor, which had also won their next two matches.  It was almost like facing a new opponent, as the Windsor boys picked up their game in the final and played an even, high quality match against us. We attacked their line, as in the previous game, but they came back to attack ours a number of times. We finally broke through in the end of the first half, through another strong forwards move that was held up twice until we finally managed to score. In the second half Windsor came back “guns ablazing”, pushing our boys who defended brilliantly. After several assaults they finally did a good back-line move that saw them across to score. The rest of the second half and the eight additional minutes was a tight affair, with either team dangerously attacking and almost scoring. The game could have gone either way, but both teams could not score again.  Cobham 5 x 5 Windsor

All equal in the results, we won the festival on points difference, 25x5 against 15x5. Most important, the boys played well during the whole festival, strong in the forwards, good in the backs (despite the narrow field), great in defence (let in only one try). Well done boys.

Cobham B/C - Amin Captan, Luis Penteado, Kristian Squire, Toby Watkin, Daniel Craig, Sam Hunt, Hal Byrne, Khaled Alayyan, Ruan Oliver, Conor Hubbard, Luke Laughton, Ieuan Stennett, Cameron Smith, Max Brackhaus, Luke Davis, Oliver Haywood, Ben Davies.

Coaches – Paulo Penteado and David Watkin

Reporter - Paulo

Karen Bradley
Tel: 07813 604482

Head Coach:
Nick Moss
Tel: 07810 813999