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Cobham ‘B’ Festival - 5th October 2014


 Our league was comprised of Richmond, Teddington, Wimbledon and Chobham.

We started slowly with new lads slowly finding their feet and the old guard re-acquainting themselves. A tough first game was an arm wrestle with Richmond. A dubious 1st try gave Richmond the lead but fantastic straight running and a delicious inside ball had us drawing level. We were now on the up but failed to get the winning score. A decent start but as my school report used to say ‘could do better’.

Teddington seemed improved from previous meetings. Better rugby played by both teams but once we started exploiting the width they couldn’t cope with the Cobham boys. The forwards were now giving go forward ball and the backs loved it. Defense was solid and line speed was excellent. Worthy winners by 2 tries to none.

 Its not often I feel sorry for Wimbledon but we were starting to hit our straps. Many a line break and great use of the ball gave a 4 tries to none victory. Forwards were bashing it up creating quick ball and numerous holes for the backs to run in the tries. Again, as our previous game, any ball the Wimbledon team had was going backwards as our defense was getting stronger and stronger. 

 Last up was Chobham who were unbeaten, but by now the boys were gelling. The result was never in doubt and eventually a 3 tries to none victory. Again outstanding play from the backs but only because the forwards were giving them the chance to play. By now the forwards were also starting to enjoy themselves with numerous line breaks of their own. A complete performance. As my school report use to say ‘outstanding work Rackett’…. NOT!

 A great start to the B season. We ended last season playing as a complete team and finished our first festival likewise. 10 tries scored – 1 against. I know there are no winners or losers in these festivals but those stats say otherwise.

 A proud coach today… but that’s usually the case with this lot !


Karen Bradley
Tel: 07813 604482

Head Coach:
Nick Moss
Tel: 07810 813999