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Rosslyn Park A Festival - 13th October 2013

A steady rain welcomed players, coaches and supporters to the third festival of the season at Rosslyn Park.  The wet pitch levelled the playing field (a punters dream) and turnovers would be the story of the day as was apparent in our first match against Kenilworth.  Neither team could sustain a long drive as passing was difficult, catching nearly impossible and it seemed that everyone coughed up the ball at one point or another.  As it turned out, Kenilworth got us to turn it over deep in our own end on several occasions and were able to take one such turnover in for a try in the second half.  That would be enough to seal the victory.

Kenilworth 7 - Cobham 0

Next up was Teddington.  While we were able to hold on to the ball a bit more, once again a turnover deep in our own end resulted in a hard contested Teddington try.  Great effort from all to defend but a slippery Teddington back was eventually able to penetrate the Cobham defence for the try.  The second half was hard fought and our boys seemed to better understand that finesse was not a winning strategy today.  Great effort but still no scores for Cobham.

Teddington 7 - Cobham 0

Rosslyn Park was our third group game and where the boys found their groove, effectively making the transition from Throughbreds to Mudders.  The backs ran vertically and relied on short passes to move the ball.  The forwards took control of every scrum, maul and ruck.  Great job and tremendous effort Alfie, Jamie, Mossy, Hoff, Rob, Sam and Zach!  Bryn seemed to be the starting point for all things good in this match and Jamie benefited twice from Bryn passes that he was able to take in for try's.   

Cobham 14 - Rosslyn Park 0

A final game against Reeds would determine the 3rd place pool.  Another superb effort from the forwards kept us in control of the game throughout.  Great defence from James, Anton, Josh and Lucas gave us the winning advantage.  Tim was able to orchestrate several marches down the field in the first half.  Brownie was able to get our first try of the match off another scrum won.  He would score again in the second half to seal the victory and give us all a reason to smile.

Cobham 14 - Reeds 0

While I am sure everyone would like to forget the morning's first two games along with the weather, it was great to see the boys turn things around. Well done to all.

Stu Milberg

Karen Bradley
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Head Coach:
Nick Moss
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