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Rosslyn Park B Festival - 1st December 2013

Runners Up


Cobham marched through the early order of opposition with dull ease and there was concern that there was no real match for them, but Rosslyn Park was looming as a nemesis at the finale of the festival. The penultimate match saw something that this side has not fully delivered previously, being a slick distribution of ball through the backs with great handling of the ball to stretch the opposition and deliver a try in the far corner. Some individual performances were seen with Fabian barn storming the opposition; the Rosslyn Park coach shouted tackle the tall guy - he can't be that tall. McGroarty was seen tearing the length of field with jink and swerve. One or two useful tactical kicks showed a developing weaponry. Notably was the strong defence with very committed tackling to halt any meaningful advance with George Williams again throwing his bulk into the mix to earn Mark Rackett's proclaimed tackle of the day. This committed defence work was also employed against the final with Rosslyn Park to give them much work to do. They were drilled in the ruck plus impressive distribution which combined with penetrative running against the stubborn Cobham defence. The temperature of this game rose to feisty pitch and four bodies were hauled from the park for injury. This battle belonged to Rosslyn Park but the Cobham effort through the festival was to be commended to give them a worthy runners up medal. The team is moving on and up.


Karen Bradley
Tel: 07813 604482

Head Coach:
Nick Moss
Tel: 07810 813999