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Rosslyn Park C Festival - 27th October 2013

With Salv indisposed I am allowed to get back to my roots and take the development squad to a festival. As always with this group its a roller coaster ride... they make you laugh, they make you cry, but ultimately they make you proud.


In truth we started poorly... and got worse ! Tackles were missed, there was no go forward from the pack and the backs didn't pass. We were second best with only glimpses of the talent these boys undoubtedly have. The final whistle came too early as we started playing better in the 2nd half but the damage was done early on. Ironsides won 4 tries to nil and eventually went on to win the cup.


A different Cobham side took the pitch. The personnel were the same but they came out as a team and not individuals. Hunger was back and they fought for every scrap, not prepared to let their team mates down. Impressive forward play and clinical back play gave them a well earned win by 4 tries to nil. A much improved performance.

Rosslyn Park.

The best game of the day. A strong park took the field and put 2 early tries on us. Park's usual flowing rugby out did us briefly until, to a man, the boys decided that if they couldn't out run their opposition they could surely out muscle them.... and that's what they did ! Ultimately we lost 2 tries to 1 but the boys battered away, smashed everything in a red and white shirt and were unlucky not to get a deserved draw. They should be proud of that performance. They stood tall and didn't take a backward step. Well done you lot !

Sutton and Epsom.

Now playing with confidence the boys played proper rugby. Forwards got the go forward and the backs finished moves off. One lapse allowed  Sutton a consolation try but the 3 tries to 1 wasn't lucky, it was fine win, playing fine rugby.

So what could have been a very long day after the Ironsides game came to an end too, too quickly.

Thanks to Karin for the 1st aid skills, thanks to the parents for their support and above all thanks to the kids who made me smile.


On a sad note we did lose a loved one today.... 50mph winds apparently are too strong for our tents... last respects to be paid at Leatherhead dump.


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Head Coach:
Nick Moss
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