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Warlingham C Festival - 6th October 2013

It was a lovely warm Sunday morning and apart from a little haze (in my head) we were all ready for a great day of Rugby

1st Game Rosslyn Park

Rosslyn Park kicked off and managed to follow up straight away with a try , Cobham didn't let that affect them and applied some great pressure , the forwards Kaan, Jake, Ella, Salv and Nathan teaming together for a great rolling maul, we got right up to their try line but then had an off side decision awarded against us . This lead to R.P. getting another try, both tries so far being converted. The 2nd half saw Ryan do a great run followed up by Zach and Sebastian , unfortunately R.P. then nicked the ball and scored another try which they converted. Alfie kicked off , great kick deep into their half, Ella, Salv and Drew doing some great chasing , we were awarded a scrum for an off side offence , we won a fantastic scrum which led to Ella scoring our first try which Alfie then converted. The rest of the half saw some great runs, Ella making a superb catch from an Alfie kick and Matthew making a crunching tackle that nearly sent the R.P. player into next week . It was a great game against a very strong team and it ended 4/1 to R.P. with all tries being converted 

2nd game Warlingham Blue

Another superb kick from Alfie to start our second game , chased up by everyone ! this lead to another great rolling maul which eventually lead to our put in to a scrum. The forwards were again really strong in the scrum , Nathan, Kaan Salv Jake and Ella dominating and making the opposition forwards  wish they were still in bed . Drew and Matthew played some great passes and Ella made another fantastic run with several W.B. players hanging off her as she marched on , Henry made a fantastic try saving tackle and that was the end of the 1st half.

Straight from Alfie's kick off Ella scored a try and Alfie with a 100% record, converted it, unfortunately W.B. scored very soon after but they then missed there conversion . Ryan and Kaan made some great tackles and Salv decided that he didn't want to be left out and also made a couple of great tackles . Matthew made some really good runs and Henry was also playing his socks off . as usual .

The game ended 2/1 to Cobham.

3rd Game East Grinstead

East Grinstead were a very good team, straight from the kick off they scored a try , the whole team tried really hard to fight back. A fantastic run by Zach with a great pass to Nick who had just come on to replace Henry who was injured.We again had some great scrummaging winning most of them . Kaan scored a try that had been helped by the whole team joining together as a unit and putting E.G under so much pressure that a try was inevitable , fantastic play from a team that had never played together and a testament to Salv and Marcus's coaching and encouragement .

The game ended 8/2 but this was not a fair reflection of the effort that the team had put in. 

4th Game Battersea

Battersea have always been an hard opponent and today was no different , but spurred on by the unlucky defeat of the previous game the whole team were determined to win . B. kicked off after some great pressure again from the forwards we were awarded a scrum which, as with 90% of the scrums Salv, Nathan, Kaan, Ella and Jake  won , Henry passed to Mathew who made a little run passed to Nicholas then Kaan fresh from the scrum made a great run passed to Zach who scored  a try. This was converted by Alfie (Wilkinson!!)

Alfie kicked to start the second half Henry was like a whippet and managed to get the ball and score a try. Yet another great scrum , now getting very predictable . We were now all over B, fantastic runs coming from all the backs Matthew, Nicholas,Sebastian linking up with some big support from the forwards,Zach scored another try with the help of another brilliant run from Drew who must have run the equivalent of a marathon in the four games . 

The game ended 4/0 to us.


There was some really good rugby played and we were very unlucky not to win all of our games, I am sure that in the next festivals we will be equally as good and hopefully a little luck will come our way as well . Well done everyone, brilliant day !

Thanks again to Salv and Marcus (great legs by the way Marcus)


Karen Bradley
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Head Coach:
Nick Moss
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