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1sts stretch lead at top of table

Cobham win cup rematch...

London Division 3 South West
Old Reigations 15 Cobham 23
1st December 2007

Tries from Bennett and O'Reilley seal league victory for Cobham

Cobham emerged victorious in a replay of the cup game only two weeks ago in a tough match against Old Reigations.

Cobham v Old Reigations

The weather was very cold and the wind was quite strong coming down the slope of the pitch so there was a tremendous advantage playing down the considerable hill. Cobham had the advantage of the slope in the first half but knew that they would have get in front by a reasonable margin otherwise the probability of winning would be much reduced. Two tries for Cobham from Mark Bennett and J-P O'Reilley in the first half put Cobham into a reasonable lead just before half time but the home side managed a try just before the half time whistle to reduce the Cobham lead to 8-20.

Cobham v Old Reigations

Playing the match downhill in the second half Reigatians scored another converted try after the kick-off thus reducing the Cobham lead to just five points. The game was then very even as Reigations continuously attacked downhill but were rejected from any further scores by some solid Cobham defence from both forwards and backs. With the home side unable to score, a try would have given them at least a draw, Cobham then finished more strongly scoring a penalty to ensure that Reigations needed to score twice to win. The home side failed to manage even a single score in the remainder of the match and Cobham took a just victory after scoring another penalty which established an eight point win.

Cobham v Old Reigations

At the start of the match Cobham kicked off down the slope and attacked with vigour, winning a penalty which David MacCallum was successful with to give Cobham an opening score. Cobham continued to attack with the forwards driving towards the try line and Mark Bennett scored a good try which was converted to give Cobham a ten point lead. Reigations responded quite well getting into the Cobham 22 and won a penalty, reducing the Cobham lead. A break by David MacCallum forced the home side to defend strongly but Reigations were again penalised and Cobham were back to a ten point lead.

Cobham continued on the attack, J-P O'Reilley was tackled without the ball which won Cobham a penalty, and from the line out close to the Reigations line the Cobham pack drove strongly forward with Angus Darroch-Warren taking play close to the line and J-P O'Reilley dashed in for a try, Dave MacCallum converting. Cobham needed a good lead before they turned around for the second half but Reigations gave them a shock winning a lineout close to the Cobham line and Richard Pennington dashed down the blind side of the ruck to score Reigations first try. Cobham almost responded with a try, the returning fly half Dan Taylor who had a very good game kicked the length of the pitch for a linoeout close to the Reigations line, but despite a good forwards drive, Cobham were unable to score more in the first half.

Cobham v Old Reigations

Reigations started the second half playing down hill and kicking with a following wind. The home side kept attacking and eventually kicked down field with Cobham forced to attempt a touch find from behind their own line, but the Cobham kick was charged down and Mike Ryan of Reigations won the race to touch down the loose ball to score a try and they came within five points of Cobham. Cobham played the right tactics moving the ball forward by some excellent handling moves and drives uphill by the forwards, and did sufficient to prevent the home side from attacking downfield with any success. Cobham then continued with the attacks upfield, J-P O'Reilley having a good break to take play up to the Reigations 22.

The attack was continued by the forwards, Cobham driving to two metres from the Reigations line but were stopped only by an activity which was justly penalised and Dave MacCallum was successful with the penalty to give Cobham an eight point lead. This demanded that Reigations score twice in the final minutes if they were to achieve a win.

This they failed to do Cobham being strongly defensive in the final minutes and were able to gain an important victory to maintain an unbeaten performance in the league and impressive league leadership.

Cobham: N Sutton, M Green, D MacCallum, T Green, N Jones; D Taylor, J-P O'Reilley; A Mealin, M Bennett, A Darroch-Warren, B Pickett, J Durward, B Creed, D Kearsey, T Lee

Report by Tony Maddocks