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Cobham Mini B Festival

Results from last Sunday's Festival...

Cobham Mini B Festival

Results from Sunday, October 7th Cobham Mini B Festival.

Congratulations to Cobham U9s for winning their Age Group and for U12s who shared the winning honours. Plus well done to the U7s, U8s and U11s who finished runners-up.

U7s Plate Guildford 4 Effingham 3

Final Cobham 2 Teddington 4

U8s Plate Effingham 6 Aldershot & Fleet 1

Final Cobham 4 Old Reeds 5

U9s Plate Effingham 3 Aldershot & Fleet 2

Final Cobham 2 Old Reeds 1

U10s Plate Effingham 15 Aldershot & Fleet 5

Final Guildford 10 Old Reeds 5

U11s Plate Effingham

Final Cobham 0 Teddington 21

U12s Plate Aldershot & Fleet (Old Reeds scratched)

Final Cobham 0 Guildford 0 (trophy shared)