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For years 7 and 8, (ie 11 and 12 year olds) on Friday 17th May at CRFC


The Under 16s year group are touring South Africa this Summer and to help raise funds a second disco called DUDES AND DIVAS is being organised for years 7 and 8, (ie 11 and 12 year olds) to take place  on Friday 17th May at CRFC.

The fundraising event is not just for the U16s tour but more importantly for two charities,  SHOOTING STAR CHASE, a children’s charity in Surrey that cares for children with life threatening conditions, and an Aids Charity STARFISH in South Africa,

The format for ticket applications is very simple, there is a gmail address on the flyer below and payments and tickets will be organised from there. For further information and application form click here.

Many thanks for your support and help.


Debbie Cragg



Dudes abd Divas II May 2013