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Youth Rugby play Cricket

Raise money & have fun at the same time...

Youth Rugby play Cricket

or how to raise money and have fun at the same time…

The sun actually shone on Sunday as a group of Youth ‘lads and dads’ played a cricket match on a fine wicket (well prepared by Bob Spavin) not only to have the fun of a game but to also raise funds for the new clubhouse. It was a great day out and good to see a complete cross section of Youth Rugby trying their hand with willow and leather for a change. The two sides where captained by Steve Heard and Neil McCallum, who just scraped home by 7 runs (134 runs to 129).

The McCallum side batted first with their opening pairs of Ollie and Ian Saville, Markham and Booth making steady runs despite some pace bowling from guest Adam Ward and U15 inside centre turned quality all-rounder Blissy. Following this, the pairing of former Youth chairman Dean and son George entered the fray and continued to make steady runs despite some very impressive spin bowling from Under 15 A hooker Richard Philip. All was going well until the captain McCallum and his 6 foot giant of a son came to the wicket. Being brave the Heard's decided to bowl against this pair (or was it just plain stupid? Editor). McCallum senior clearly having had his portion of Weetabix for breakfast and following several 4s he managed to clear the boundary on two occasions. Their innings completed at 134.

Following a splendid tea (thanks Mums - and Claire McCallum for a fine cake) washed down with a glass of Pimms, Captain McCallum’s team returned to the field and the Heard side felt as though it was an achievable score... although the team didn’t start well. Due to lost wickets (which meant the loss of four runs each time) the score was actually at Minus 9 after the first four overs. Help was however at hand in the form of the Mitchells. Well to be accurate, not Chris, the father, but Ben the very capable son. A good cricketer in the making.

Ben batted very well against some strong bowling to bring his team back into the game with some able (if a little puffed out) Chris in support. Things looked well on track with the Ward family (guests for the day) making runs in their first three overs. Unfortunately they were out three times in the last over for a net flat score. However I knew we had saved our best batting for the tail. The Bliss's made steady runs. Well, Roy ran well while Tom stroked the ball around... Our new Youth Chairman then came to the wicket with the team’s second in command, Nicholas. All was going quite well and then our former youth chairman, competitive as ever, bowled the ball of the day... Well that’s what Steve Heard thought as it cleaned him up and dramatically took out the leg stump. The Heard team recovered well, made some runs and went on to 82 chasing 134 with the last pair strolling to the wicket. As the team were a pair short, Blissy and Adam Ward doubled up needing 52, a tall order, which they almost achieved having played very, very well and got 45. They may even have got there had McCallum not pushed the field back (a cynical, unwarranted move on their part!)

Then to complete proceedings the youngest McCallum (Andrew, who looks like a good sportsman) and our bar manager cum grounds-man Bob Spavin strolled to the wicket – an incongruous sight of stoically little and significantly large). Both played very fluently too, Bob clearly having played some cricket before.

All in all, a lot of fun for everyone to end a good afternoon which raised a solid £255 for the clubhouse. (It all makes a difference so if you have any ideas just get on and organise them!) And also the good news is that the first layer of brickwork and the flooring is now complete. It is really happening.

Steve Heard

Youth Chairman