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Cobham Rugby - Concussion Management Protocol

A comprehensive concussion management protocol has been devised for Cobham RFC. Based on the IRB and RFU supported SCAT3 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) with the addition of the King-Devick Test.

As of the 2013/14 season we aim to pre-screen all Cobham Rugby players using the King-Devick test. Above the minimum testing requirement, This will enable far greater accuracy in guiding appropriate return to play. The information gained may also be used to support its use across community rugby. For more information on the King-Devick test please contact David Silver, details below.

We therefore aim to ensure that any suspected concussive head injury is properly assessed and managed by first aiders, therapists and then parent/guardians.

Concussion has proved a difficult injury to both assess and treat. In the vast majority of cases symptoms of concussion resolve over a short period of time and have no lasting impact on a players health. Despite this there have been cases of concussion masking more serious head trauma and so no chances should be taken.

What makes concussion hard to define is the nature of the symptoms. A quick look at the list defined by the SCAT assessment shows a wide variety of symptoms ranging from dizziness to vomiting. The level of severity is also not defined.

When is a player who has had a minor knock to the head and has a brief period of dizziness, something that most players, young and old will have experienced, concussed?

If a play has had a blow to the head a first aider should see them. They will then be assessed quickly using the King-Devick and SCAT3 card. If concussion is suspected they will be taken for a comprehensive assessment by the on-site therapist. This parent/guardians will then be contacted.

If the players symptoms are stable they will be give an instruction sheet on their further care.

Once the assessment has been conducted and the player cleared to leave, they can be escorted home.

ALL players who have been assessed as concussed should be seen at the earliest possible appointment by their GP. Following this, the stepwise progression back to sport can commence.

We ask that ALL junior players (under 18) that have received concussion, or have the symptoms of concussion following an impact, see their GP before commencing the return to play programme.

If the player has received an injury away from the club and has not seen a suitably qualified practitioner they should be advised not to take part in training or match play at Cobham until they do so. If they have seen a qualified practitioner and followed the progression back to competitive play they should be reviewed by the practioner or GP and cleared to play in writing.


More information on concussion assessment can be found by clicking here

The  RFU Graded Return to Play (GRTP) protocol can be found here and on the medical board



For more information please do not hesitate to contact:


David Silver MSc BSc MCSP SRP

Cobham Rugby - Lead Physiotherapist