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Nov 23 Cobham 3XV vs. Warlingham 3XV

Cobham v. Warlingham is always a fun match to be part of and for the past few years they have been well contested and usually quite close. Both teams have for the most part had the same squad so we know each other well. So this match is an occasion in its own right but we had more reason to get up for the match. Tom Cowan, our faithful No.8 was back from his "sabbatical" and we were saying goodbye to both James and Dimitry, our Southern Hemisphere in-turns who will be heading back home after this their final game with Cobham. So game on!


Cobham scored first initially set up by a nice break away from Joe Dolman who seemed like he was going to score himself but was caught by a speedy Warly. Warlingham then came back with 2 scores of their own both in the corner. Cobham who initially seemed to be in a bit of trouble turned up the intensity and owned most of the possession for the remainder of the half and leveld the scores at 17 points each. One of the Cobham tries was set up by some powerful go forward running by Tom Cowan who did a neat one handed backhand offload to Langston who was coming from deep and with 3 defenders to beat cut a nice line for the score. The third try of the first half was touched down by Joe who cut through the centre of Warlinghams defence all the way to the posts.


Cobham in the 2nd half were now playing with power and intensity. The set piece was working well and Cobham played with confidence providing the backs with space to put a couple more converted tries on the board. Stand out performances came from Rhys at 10, Joe at centre and Langston at 15. Our man of the match however goes to our No. 8, Cowan, who had a massive all round performance.


Final Score: Cobham 31 Warlingham 22


Cobham Squad:

15 Kevin Langston

14 Dominic Shinya

13 Dimitri Leontakianakis

12 Joe Dolman 

11 David Price

10 Rhys Campbell Smith

9 Phil Hunt

1 Tom Cullen

2 Ian Snead

3 Spratty

4 Tim Davey

5 Howard Browning

6 Chris Dack

7 Rob Gilroy

8 Tom Cowan


16 Tim Grey

17 Andy Taylor

18 Ben Wicks

19 Matt Sanderson

20 Dave Mardon


Tries: Dolman (2), Langston (2), Mardon (1)

Team pic