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South Africa Tour 2013


Cobham R.F.C under 15 's rugby tour to South Africa 26th july to 11th august 2013.


We fly out on South African Airways to Cape Town on the evening of 26th July and visit Stellenbosch,Durban( the hometown of the Natal Sharks Super Rugby franchise for whom our head coach Robert Crockart played) , Zululand and Jo'burg.

We have appointed Brian Cassidy of Sweet Chariot ( a well known local school boy rugby tour organizer)  to arrange 6 match days against top class SA rugby schools and  have organised  excursions for the boys and supporters to visit Table Mountain , Robben Island , Western Cape ( to see seals in Haut Bay and penquins at the Cape of Good Hope) , a top winery (supporters only) , Langa and  Soweto townships and the Apartheid museum .

The boys will get to train with the Natal Sharks Super 14 rugby squad and the boys and supporters will get to cage dive with 16' foot Great White Sharks, stay with and experience the life of the Zulu's in Shakaland and spend two full days on safari at Entabeni Game Reserve.

The boys will be billeted(in two's) for 6 nights with the SA schoolboys they are playing against and the supporters will experience the very best South African hospitality before and after matches. We will return to London on the 11th August 2013 with many stories to tell .

We currently have 28 boys signed up to for the rugby tour and only have a few spaces left.The cost of the tour is £2,329 per boy and everyone is fundraising to build team spirit ,raise money for our chosen charities (Chase( a local children's charity) and Starfish( a SA children's charity) and in an effort to reduce the cost of the tour per boy by up to £400.

If your boy is interested in joining the tour please get in touch with Mark Swindell ( Under 15 Tour Manager ) in the first instance.

Boys going on the tour are as follows;


Jake McQuade

Louis Swindell

Connor Norris

Aran Fitzpatrick

Michael Cates

Connor Hannaford

Oliver Kitto

Niall Saunders

James Boardman

Xander Crockart

Harry Cragg

Kyle McKellar

Matthew Maher

Edward Ashwell

Jared Harvey

Nathan Spratt

James Harraden

William Stewart

Oliver Orchard

Christian Mays

Jamie Anderson

Will Stanworth

Harry Spawforth

Oliver Matthews

Michael Wasko

Jarred Hunt

Oliver Taylor

Marcus Penteado


The boys family and siblings are very very welcome,indeed encouraged, on the tour as participating supporters . We all want to make this an inclusive family tour for those supportes wishing to join the tour but at the same time we are keen that the boys experience and enjoy an independant rugby tour in seperate accommodation and on their own transport .

Clearly the coaching staff (Robert Crockart,Simon Ashwell,Paul Cragg,Bob Mcquade,Rob Saunders and Chris Mays ) will ensure that boys on Match days and at training are properly supervised . At all other times (except when boys are billeting with SA family) the supporters will look after the boys in teams of 4 . Suppporters will be asked to look after the boys for about two days/nights each and this is all part of the fun!!

Once again we emphasize that this is a boy's rugby tour and that the boy's are welcome to come on the tour without any family members provided that they have a locus parenti on the tour at all times. The Boys will stay in in their own accomodation as one squad and billet in two's with South African school children .

The  supporters will do most of the excursions with the boys albeit on seperate coaches and the siblings will be able to train with the Natal Sharks Super 14 team .


Fifty -Eight supporters have now signed up and paid the family supporter deposit. 

Please can all further Family groups get in touch with Brian Cassidy at the tour operator Sweet Chariot on 01372 725253 or to make their bookings as soon as possible as flights can only be held for another couple of weeks. Kim Harvey is our main liason with Brian and Sweet Chariot and he can handle any Q@A . 


Financial arrangements are being handled by Claire Mcquade  and Paul Cragg and the final invoice is payable at the end of May 2013. Cheques should be made payable to Cobham RFC and handed to Claire Mcquade.


A Deposit of £300 per person for the family supporters  was due to be paid to Sweet Chariot by 30th september 2012 with further instalments of £350 per person  required by 28th February 2013 and the balance 8 weeks prior to departure ( 31st May 2013).        


We want as many of the under 15 squad as possible to be involved in fund raising for the Tour and our Tour Charities and we have established the following NOTICE BOARD of events and opportunities to promote , enjoy , sell and/or to get involved with;      



  • Car Treasure Hunt coming in the spring 2013 –Ian and Ginny Stewart are organising for whole Cobham club.
  • Following a very successful Dudes & Divas Disco on Friday 12th October 2012 we have committed to put on a further Dudes and Divas Disco in April –Debbie Cragg 
  • Every sunday we hold Cake Sales at the clubhouse - requires cakes to be supplied by as many parents as possible and dropped off at 10.30am when some of the mini age groups finish.The boys on the rota below have been selected to help sell cales on the following sundays;
  • cake sales rota -watch this space.
  • Selling  the Tour brochure -Karen Orchard has tour brochures for you to sell at £3.; 
  • Four  hundred and fifty Under 15 Bakery Books have now been sold and we have many more  to sell at £10.
  • Seeking Sponsorship in return for placements on shirts,bags and tour stash-£6,800 has already been raised -please contact Paul Orchard,Simon Ashwell,Chris Mays and Rob Saunders with any sponsorship leads -Current sponsors are Investec;PWC;Savills;Property Concierge Co and Rock Infrastructure;
  •  Design the New Tour Shirt and other stash which is being purchased by Ceylonia Crockart-boys entries now submitted and decision on winner to be announced shortly ;
  • All involvement with or questions about our tour charities (Chase/Starfish)should go through Debbie Cragg including any offers of  support by boys for specific activities-
  • Bag Packing was  done by 12 boys(Hannaford;Harvey;Maher;Kitto;Cates;Crockart;,Stewart;Cragg;Spawforth;Wasko;Boardman and Mays) exclusively for our local charity on the 2nd December 2012 at Sainsbury in Guildford-Tracy Norris has voluntered organised the boys for this event and we are currently looking for volunteers for April bag packing.
  • RFU GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE-Cobham RFC will participate in the RFU GRAND DRAW for the first time this year and the Under 15 are the sole age group responsible for selling tickets on behalf of Cobham RFC .Raffle tickets cost £1 and the prizes are excellent.Tickets were  given to boy tourists and a % of the profits will go to the SA tour charities and tour.
  • BAG IT and Bring IT -Please bag up all your unwanted clean clothes including shoes (tied together/bagged please),hats,belts,bags and soft toys(but not bedding,towals,curtains or pillows).All clothes collected will be sent to distribution centres in the third world and Eastern europewhere they will all be re used by people in communities who need them most-absolutely nothing will go to waste.Drop OFF at the CLUB every SUNDAY .Cheryl Mckellar is organising.  
  • Sell wrist bands -3 for £3 -Sonja Fitzpatrick has more bands for those that want them.Once you have sold your batch please hand the cash from sales to sonja.
  • Cobham Rugby balls for sale size 3 and 5 for £14.
  • SA Tour TEE shirts are now available for sale at £10 each .


We have established a very active

Tour Fundraising Sub-committee who require your support -so please contact them with ideas and support and above all enjoy helping out with the events on the NOTICE BOARD above .   


Debbie Cragg

Sonja Fitzpatrick

Margie Grace-Swindell

Claire McQuade

Cheryl Mckellar

Sara Spawforth

Cheryl Cates



To organise fun-filled events, involving boys, parents and other members of CRFC, that will raise monies for the U15 2013 South Africa Tour and our nominated SA and UK charities - Starfish and Shooting Star/Chase.


To get all the touring boys to benefit from the teamwork and good spirt  that comes from participating in events which can help people less fortunate then themselves by raising  money directly for our chosen charities and build self respect and pride in making a valuable contribution to the cost of the tour as a team by reducing the cost of the tour by up to £400 per boy. This will further help them appreciate and value the priveleged position they are in,to tour south africa in 2013 as an Under 15 rugby squad .

 To date, we have all raised £10,000


 Thank you to everyone who has helped out to date .     

Team Manager:
Dave Whalley
Tel: 07941 400996

Team Manager:
Chris Paul
Tel: 07913 848821

Head Coach:
Matt Thomas
Tel: 07821 069116

Billy Davison
Tel: 07789 934907

Steve Rickerd
Tel: 07790 862068

Hywel Evans
Tel: 07736 650346

Lachie Deuchar
Tel: 07786 194 420

Tim Wilkinson
Tel: 07775 808 706

Mike Cox
Tel: 07771 664 868

Fixtures Secretary:
Chris Cullen
Tel: 07970 290202