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2010/11 Season

Rugby World Team of the Year!


The brand of rugby we play within the Cobham U18 squad is exciting, successful and inclusive. We are always keen to develop our young men into better all round players both on and off the pitch. They play as part of a squad, not branded A or B players and we aim to bring on players when others are injured or playing for schools, academies or other representative sides. It is the strength that comes from the breadth of the players both in capability and commitment that makes the difference.

Over the past seasons we have worked, and will continue to do so, with all the lads’ schools to ensure they are fresh and never overplayed. (Again the opportunities for all players to participate in matches comes to the fore).

This season sees the start of the migration within the club towards Senior rugby and, where school commitments allow, playing within the Surrey U21 cup competition.

U17 squad

The U18 squad enter the 2010-11 season as Surrey Champions having won both League One and League Two, London & South East Regional Champions, and National Champions. That all sounds very grand and it is – we are all extremely proud, but we’re keen to carry on developing – and will always welcome new players and parents to the club. Feel free to get in touch if you want to come along and join in.

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